Pen & Tec is a specialist consultancy with over 15 years’ experience advising companies on the regulatory requirements for the food and animal feed industry in Europe. We help clients take food and feed products to market faster, and offer strategic advice on optimising the return on investment from their existing product portfolios.

Pen & Tec was founded to meet the needs of companies faced with the growing complexity of food chain legislation and increasingly stringent requirements for regulatory submissions in the EU. Our expertise has been developed and crafted by working in close contact with EFSA since its creation in 2002, enabling us to provide clients with the most accurate and up-to-date advice in the continually evolving regulatory environment of the food sector.

Since incorporation, we have established a history of success in guiding clients through their regulatory affairs challenges. We have offices in the UK, Switzerland and Spain, and have expanded our global reach by increasing our network of associates, allowing us to offer regulatory services for food and feed products in other leading global markets such as the USA, China and Brazil.